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Workwear – we have the most adequate solution for your company!

The Unifardas 2019 workwear catalogue is now available. Having developed over than 170 different products for this new catalogue, Unifardas give you the possibility to choose from a wide range of solutions. Through an always innovative mindset in its designs, solutions and customer relations, Unifardas has developed workwear that completely fit the needs and specificities of each customer and/or business.

Durability, this is the characteristic that the company focus in all the work garments it produces. Not neglecting the design and necessary comfort which we consider as a basic requirement in our specialised garments. This workwear catalogue has four major areas; Industry, Services, Health, Hospitality & Catering. Therefore, the purpose of this catalogue is to be able to offer you solutions that meet the needs of your company’s employees, making the every day work safe, easy and comfortable.

Functionality, durability, design and comfort for your workwear

The cover of this catalogue has been designed with more elegant tones in mind, but conveying a more physical working image, showing the comfort and resistance you will find in our work uniforms. Unifardas as an international company, besides Portuguese, has all its catalogues in English so that we can provide the best customer service in all markets with the quality and experience that characterizes us.

Therefore, you can view this content on the tab of our website “Catalogue” or if you prefer you can download the file and analyse all the workwear solutions that are available in our catalogue.

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