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Work Uniforms – 10 modern looks for professional men’s clothing

Today’s professional clothing industry is very much like casual fashion. This collusion between trends and styles has to do with the sense of taste of wearers who want to feel comfortable, safe but also good-looking in their work uniforms. Therefore, and considering this customer demand, Unifardas in the development of its products always looks to create a modern design, allied with trendy colours and innovative cuts.

In this article we will present the top 10 masculine looks advised for different business to promote the feelings of simplicity, sophistication modernism. Here, men will be able to feel inspired and select the best garment to apply in their workplace without ever overlooking the comfort, safety and functionality of their workwear.

 Work Uniforms – 10 Looks That Will Make a Difference

work uniforms and work pants
Professional clothing indicated for the industry. Padded waistcoat and pants in a navy tone. It gives the worker a modern and attractive style without ever overlooking his safety and comfort. You can wear a sweatshirt underneath the vest to feel more protected.


work uniforms vest
Vest and work trousers for men. It gives it a modern style due to its cut and excellent wearability. This multi-pocket vest, besides being very functional in your daily work, has details that make it differentiated. The different contrasts reinforce this modern style.
work uniforms
Men’s vest and jeans. More and more Denim style is fashionable and tending to grow. In addition to the modern look it imparts to professional clothing, its robustness, strength and durability are a plus for the wearer. Ideal for industry, services and many other areas because of its attractive image that never goes out of style.
health tunic
3/4 sleeve tunic for men. Very functional work garment in light blue colour giving an image of peacefulness and confidence. A very distinguished look for an area as specific as healthcare.

Today’s professional clothing industry is very much like casual fashion

health smock for men
Healthcare coat. The different contrasts give it a modern and a very personal touch. Excellent wearability giving it a stylish look. The Ideal healthcare garment.
Coat doctor for healthcare
Always keep your style and reliability with this men’s white coat. It conveys a careful image and proximity to patients. White coat with excellent wearability.
Men's hotel work shirt
Men’s shirt and pants set, ideal for hospitality & catering. The grey coloured shirt together with the pants gives a very elegant and distinctive style. The Chinese type collar of the shirt gives a “special” touch. So, bet on elegance and comfort with this very different set.

cook short sleeve jacket work uniforms
While a chef’s food conveys his personal touch, his professional uniform must have his personality and strength. Therefore, bet on a stylish uniform with classy details. As an accessory you can wear an apron that allows you to create a contrast with the very modern lab coat.
work uniforms with vest and apron
Become the most elegant Maître ever. Who doesn’t like to be served by an elegant waiter with a neat and smiling image? Become that special person with this fantastic Unifardas uniform.
work uniforms for men's classic work suit
Elegant and professional. This set of white shirt, grey coloured pants and tie create the ideal set for anyone working in a customer service department or office. Build a modern corporate image with this very distinctive coordinate.



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