You are currently viewing Elastane – Are you looking for flexible and comfortable clothing?

Elastane – Are you looking for flexible and comfortable clothing?

In early November,Unifardas, S.A. attended the A + A International Safety and Workwear Fair held in Dusseldorf – Germany. One of the new features presented was the new collection “Moovex” designed to offer freedom of movement to its users. The main feature of this collection is the presence of Elastane in all garments.

The elastane yarn appeared in 1959, as a replacement for rubber. This raw material is an extremely elastic petroleum derivative and is also known as Spandex. It is used in the composition of fabrics, which can have both natural and synthetic fibers in their composition. It is noteworthy that no fabric is 100% Elastane, but the mixture of this fiber with other raw materials, allowed great innovations in the modeling, durability and quality of the fabric.

No garment is 100% elastane – there is always a combination with other yarns

Elastane is a material capable of stretching without breaking, which provides lightness and flexibility without disturbing any movement of the wearer. Some of the advantages that this type of fabric gives to professional clothing are:

  • Higher resistance
  • Greater durability
  • Faster drying
  • Does not wrinkle
  • Does not fade easily

In addition to these advantages that this fiber gives to professional clothing, we present you with some very own characteristics of it;

  • Can stretch over 500%
  • Ability to recover original size after stretching cycles
  • Lightness
  • High chemical resistance

In order to give you all the workwear solutions for your company and its employees, below  there is a showcase of some Elastane garments developed and launched at A+A Trade Fair

New collection of workwear with elastane
Jacket with raised collar, interior lined with polar. Ideal for cold days or cold environments. The jacket contains contrast colors that gives it a very elegant and distinctive look. As it has a hood it protects the user from rain and cold.


The Moovex collection has been designed and developed to provide greater mobility and flexibility to the wearers of these garments


New collection of workwear with elastane
Jacket with raised collar protecting the user from the cold. Gives extra protection and enhanced comfort. Having a percentage of elastane makes the jacket more flexible giving the user a greater mobility. Its details make this work jacket a casual wear and can be worn in any day to day situation.


New collection of workwear with elastane
Work trousers reinforced in the knee area which offers the worker a greater protection. Possibility to introduce knee pads. Very flexible and comfortable pants which enhances its user mobility. Multi-pocket pants thus allowing a greater storage of tools. Possibility to incorporate Cordura fabric to increase the durability of the garment


These are some of the pieces developed by Unifardas for the Moovex Collection. To get to know all the pieces that make up this collection download here our catalog.

Moovex Catalogue

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