En este momento estás viendo Work Pants – Choose the one that’s right for you!

Work Pants – Choose the one that’s right for you!

Workwear is usually more technical than the one we wear in our free time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a “headache” to choose professional clothing for your business. When it comes to work pants, forget the straight-cut black pants and creased legs, because there are so many more stylish options you can wear without compromising your company’s dress code as well as the technical features your job requires.

Assertively choosing workwear to be comfortable and safe in the workplace is critical. But how can you tell if you made the right choice? To answer this question, Unifardas has created this article on the various types of work pants so that can help you when buying this garment.

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Comfort, endurance, elegance and wearability are the points to consider when choosing work pants

Get to know now the main models of work pants best suited for each of the areas of activity;


Trousers for workwear of Unifardas
Industry trousers – Knee-reinforced men’s trousers for greater protection and resistance in this part of the wearer’s body. These pants close with zip and button. This is a very comfortable and sturdy professional garment. It also has several pockets which gives it plenty of storage.


The choice of fabric for work pants is very important. For areas of activity such as industry it is important to choose a sturdy, heavier fabric, for areas such as health or hospitality the fabrics may be lighter and fresher


Women´s trousers for industry
Pants with pocket on the leg. It gives it extra elegance due to the existing contrasts. Ideal pants for jobs that require resistance to wear movements. Contrast on the side flap in right leg pocket. Push button and zip. Extremely comfortable pants with a modern cut.


It is also important to pay attention to the body type when choosing this garment. Always pay attention to the body measures of the users who will wear this type of clothing. Remember, the lack of comfort is one of the points that can severely affect the accomplishment of professional tasks

Hospitality & Catering:

Work trousers for Hospitality and Catering:
Light, functional and comfortable fabric. Ideal pants for hotels and restaurants. It gives you an elegant and distinctive image, something very important in this area of activity. Adjustable pants with button closure and zip.


Hospitality & Catering:

Classic work trouses for women´s
Ladies pants, fastens with zip and button. It gives a very elegant look with excellent wearability. Very comfortable and breathable pants thanks to its composition.


Work pants can give you an elegant look, highly valued in some areas of activity. Explore this added value that this garment gives you

Work Pants for Aesthetics
Unisex trousers suitable for services such as aesthetics. Lightweight, easy-to-maintain pants to maximize the wearer’s comfort. Pants with an elastic in the waistband to best fit the wearer.