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Auto service clothing

Auto service clothing – choose the most suitable garments

Clothing is one of the few things that accompanies us throughout our lives. Clothes, whether casual or for work, accompany us in our daily lives, warming us, projecting social status, helping us create a corporate image, or protecting us during our work activities. Therefore, Unifardas offers you several options of auto service clothing which are also suitable for many other activity sectors.















You can make a good impression even when doing challenging work, with a more relaxed and modern style, wearing this type of Overalls. In addition, it has light grey contrasting elements on the buckles and the yoke, granting it a special touch. Curved patch pocket with flap on the chest, two rounded patch pockets next to the belt allowing plenty of storage space for day-to-day tasks.

The use of these dungarees is also very common in repair shops because it imparts great durability and mobility in addition to extra protection to the wearer. Because it has several pockets, both in the upper and lower sections, it is great for storing the implements that the worker needs to perform their tasks.















Sporty and very resistant style. To highlight the «sportswear» look, there are light grey details on the chest and pockets. Two front pockets, two back pockets and two chest pockets that offer plenty of storage. The elastic at the waist allows the garment to be adjusted to the wearer. In conclusion, this workshop garment offers excellent mobility and comfort.

Contrast on the front and back. Long sleeves with elbow pads that confer even more effective resistance, and loose cuffs for greater mobility. In summary, this workwear garment offers full body protection and prevents casual clothes worn underneath from being ruined by oils or other substances used when performing your work tasks. In other words, this item of clothing has a very pleasant style and image, thus creating a distinctive image in the eyes of the customer.

Resistant and comfortable auto service clothing  with a distinct personal touch

Men’s smock














Start your work day in great style with the beautiful and practical smock made by Unifardas. Elegant and restrained look, with black and green details. Men’s smock with convertible collar, closing at the front with four buttons hidden by a placket. Long sleeves with button on the cuffs. Belt and slit at the back which allows for a greater adjustment range for the smock, as well as extra mobility.

Smock with a compartment for accessories such as pen, notepad, etc, and two pockets at the front, which allows for plenty of storage. This smock together with the black trousers, creates a very gives a very smart ensemble for your employees. In conclusion, this article presents these workwear garments as being suitable for workshops, but they are suitable for several business sectors, not only due to the quality of the production and design but also due to the countless ways to customize them.















For those who go beyond the workshop area these trousers offer a great cut and wearability. Therefore, perfect for day-to-day work, in order to create a quality image with the customer. Closed with button and zip. Patch pockets with diagonal openings next to the belt, one patch pocket with straight edges with overlaid pocket including over-stitching for a pen compartment on the side of the left leg. Knee reinforcements, offering greater resistance and increased safety.