UNIFARDAS® embraces a young, dynamic spirit, framed within the current and future needs of the markets, never neglecting the constant investment in learning new processes, methods and trends.

Dedication and enthusiasm guide the day-to-day of our employees and are reflected above all in the way we seek to reach each customer, with the rigor and professionalism that characterize us. To this end, we rely on a highly qualified team specializing in the different areas that make up the company: business, production, customer service, design, finance and marketing.

Through an excellence know-how, acquired over more than two decades of activity and applied to the different phases of production of our products, we create and develop solutions that are perfectly adapted and suited to the unique needs of each of our customers, making each produced item a unique piece.

Vestuário profissional da Unifardas

Full control
of the sales cycle

UNIFARDAS® owns and controls the entire sales cycle of its products. From design and production to sales and logistics involved in the process, the company carefully monitors all stages of this cycle.

All collections are designed and manufactured in our facilities, which results in the highest performance standards and more effective process control. UNIFARDAS® stands out through its employees’ professionalism and experience, who control each aspect of the production cycles in order to ensure that each produced item conforms to the standards and requirements of our customers, and in line with our own levels of quality and safety. Our level of flexibility is one of the main reasons for our success. Being present in different markets with this level of flexibility and commitment allows us to respond quickly, effectively and professionally to our customers’ expectations; and to achieve one of our main objectives which is to offer a wide range of products and services at competitive prices.