You are currently viewing Living Coral is the new trend for the year 2019 – find now!

Living Coral is the new trend for the year 2019 – find now!

Living Coral – pantone 16-1546 live the new trends

When we talk about fashion and fashion colours related to the garment industry, we immediately think of haute couture or casual clothing that we use in our day to day life. Unifardas, S.A. being connected to and having workwear as the foundation of its business, is concerned with producing work uniforms taking several points into account;

  • clothing comfort for the worker;
  • the wearability and durability of the workwear garment;
  • the safety provided to the wearer;
  • customization and creation of a distinctive corporate image;

Taking this last point into account we present to you one of the latest colour trends for 2019 – the “Living Coral” 

With the reference 16-1546 (living coral) , the new choice for 2019 is a very energizing, lively shade, which conveys high levels of vitality and vibrancy. In addition, this colour trend also brings a very important environmental message. The defence of the oceans threatened by pollution and by coral reef destruction is a very real and worrying issue. According to the vice-president of Pantone Color Institute “Leatrice Eiseman”  it is a reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media that infiltrate everyday life.

According to her, “with all the social unrest happening today, we are looking for humanizing qualities” because, according to Leatrice, online life dehumanizes things. Therefore, this colour aims to bring a comfort and familiarity that make us feel good.

Unifardas also has as its mission to raise awareness of trends in workwear. Therefore, we bring you the best solutions to enable you to make a more appropriate choice when purchasing workwear for your company’s employees.





Create your professional style as if it were your brand slogan

The clothing you choose for the workplace can help you convey the appropriate image within the context of the workplace. Therefore, choosing the clothes we wear in our company influences the way that other people, customers, suppliers, co-workers relate – both to our company and also to each and every one of us.

There are colours that are upliftingelegant and inspiring. For example, some colours can calm us while others can stimulate mental activity. So, after realizing the influence that colours have in our life, consult Unifardas’ catalogue and, if you wish, contact us to get to know the multitude of solutions that we offer in the workwear sector. 

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