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Dress Code in business – Build yours!

Dress Code – Following new trends, work clothes are more casual

The professional image that we broadcast is a key element in company culture, contributing to the evolution of your career and of the company itself. The labour market has an increasingly dynamic and new ”informal” culture that is very much based on universal knowledge. When we think of workwear, we immediately conjure images of winbreakers, overalls, dungarees with austere designs, and heavy garments which provide little comfort and wearability. Therefore, the workwear industry and more specifically Unifardas, is very concerned with the comfort, wearabilitysafety and design aspects of a work garment.

We are turning workwear into a modern and personal Dress Code

Some professions, like the military, have a stricter and more fixed dress code, while other professions can adopt a more casual and modern style. However, whatever your line of business, Unifardas presents you with several solutions for creating an elegant and distinctive dress code.

Professional casual wear




Unifardas also produces workwear based on a more casual dress code, in line with new trends and each customer’s preference. For instance, a pair of Jeans fully in line with fashion trends, with the wearability, comfort and robustness provided by denim, is a very casual and modern workwear garment.

With these jeans we can wear a blue shirt, creating a very well-balanced ensemble and a super stylish image. The shirt is closed with buttons at the front, and has long sleeves with cuff buttons that can be folded according to personal preference.

This dress code can be used in the service business sector, for instance a gym reception, bar or by a company that wants to create a more modern and distinctive corporate image. As a result, there are several business sectors where one can innovate through workwear and make it a powerful communication and wellness tool for your company’s employees.




Classic and modern – for a more formal dress code





If you prefer a more formal dress code we propose a classic style but with modern lines that can be adapted to your preferences. We recommend this type of uniform for hospitality, catering and companies whose departments have more direct contact with the public.


This classic uniform can be combined with a tie, available in various colours, being that it is an accessory that is very important in creating an institutional image.


Use your company colours on your tie.




Unifardas also has a wide range of classic clothing for women. Therefore, you can opt for a skirt or trousers, pairing it with a white blouse and a scarf of your chosen colour. This classic outfit conveys a high level of professionalism, creating a relationship of trust and credibility with your customer. Today, as always, the first impact is what remains in our memory and being in the presence of a professional with a well-kept and visually pleasing work uniform evokes in us a greater sense of trust.


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