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Create a Denim look through denim workwear

The most famous trousers in the world are denim trousers (Jeans). However, as they are associated with more informal looks, the advantages of wearing them as workwear are overlooked. Yet, this connection is a great irony given that denim clothing items emerged precisely to be used as workwear. In other words, denim workwear has always been used because of its attributes.

Appearance of denim and its characteristics 

Denim fabric was produced for the first time in Nimes, France, in the year 1792. It quickly became known as Nimes fabric, a term that over time was shortened to Denim. Therefore, because it is a robust, durable and low-maintenance fabric to wear, it came to be used primarily in workwear.

During the gold rush in the United States, upon realizing that the miners’ clothes were not adequate for the wear and tear they had, a young Jewish man named Levi Strauss took one of them to a tailor and made him some trousers with the fabric that he sold to cover the wagons. However, as the fabric was not very flexible, Levi Strauss decided to look for a fabric that was durable and comfortable to wear; following which denim emerged, that same Nimes fabric made from twilled cotton.

Denim Workwear

Taking into account the following advantages of denim – durabilityflexibility and resistance, Unifardas developed a collection of denim workwear for your company’s employees to embrace.

Can you picture your company’s employees in this workwear?




Unifardas Men’s Jeans, closed with a jean button and a zip. Two pockets next to the belt with round openings, one bellows pocket with a flap and velcro on the left leg with one diagonal patch pocket in the upper part, and two pointed patch pockets on the back. Knee reinforcement.

Very durable trousers with excellent wearability and a modern cut, therefore ideal for wear and tear jobs due to its great resistance.

Composition: 100% Cotton








Jacket with raised collar, closed with a zip and placket poppers, yoke panel on the front and back. Two patch pockets with over-stitching for a pen compartment and with a flap and velcro on the chest. Two lower in-seam patch pockets with zip. Long sleeve with vertical cut and loose cuff.

This jacket makes an excellent outfit together with the Unifardas Jeans. In addition, it is very comfortable and cosy for the neck, due to the raised collar, protecting you from the cold more effectively.

It is a beautiful item of clothing that should be a part of your workwear, both for its quality and comfort and for the modern image it conveys.



Denim workwear

Padded vest with hood, closes with zip and placket poppers, yoke panels on the front and back. Two in-seam pockets with flaps and velcro on the chest and two lower in-seam pockets with diagonal openings.

This waistcoat, being padded, protects you from the cold more effectively, giving you a greater sense of comfort and protection. In addition, the denim vest is a very smart piece of clothing, which can be worn with denim Jeans or any other type of trousers, creating a beautiful workwear ensemble. In conclusion, denim fabric can be a great choice when purchasing workwear for your company’s employees, always bearing in mind the company’s identity and business sector within which it operates.


Unifardas has been specializing in the customization of professional garments

These are some suggestions given by Unifardas in this article. However, there is an endless number of possible combinations and customization options, that can be made according to the needs of each customer.

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