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Chef’s Jacket – Choose well

Great Jackets for great Chefs 

Working in a professional kitchen is very different to several years ago. In other words, the evolution in this field has been so great that one of the trademarks of any chef is a Chef’s Jacket. Therefore, there is no Chef worth their salt who does not wear a Chef’s Jacket. In conclusion, there are several styles and models that can be personalized to each Chef’s preference, thus becoming a very distinct symbol of professionalism and of the industry itself.

The Chef’s Jacket has been used for centuries and is often what differentiates a Chef from a kitchen assistant. Many people think that wearing a Chef’s Jacket is purely a way to be distinguished from other kitchen crew members. Although there is some truth to it, this notion is not 100% correct given that the Chef’s Jacket also serves to create a more well-groomed appearance in the Chef that is usually facing the customers. The jacket’s purpose is also to protect from the dangers that a kitchen environment often presents.

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Choose your Jacket well

Firstly, a Chef’s Jacket is created to keep their wearer totally safe. Ideally, it should be made of cotton, which is usually resistant to high temperatures. The cotton fabric provides greater comfort and a better thermal feel to the wearer, as air can penetrate the garment thus allowing body heat to dissipate. 100% cotton fabrics are undeniably higher quality, conveying a visual aspect of greater refinement and care.

Anyone who works in a kitchen, especially a larger one with a large number of people, knows that there are many dangers, including burns, steam burns or injuries caused through the use of various kitchen utensils. Admittedly, a Jacket is not an impenetrable shield against hose accidents but a good quality Chef’s Jacket can prevent burns or boiling water steam from reaching your skin.

There are a number of factors to take into account when buying a Chef’s Jacket such as, the type of fabricthe fabric’s durability and the comfort that the garment provides you.

Chef’s Jacket as a quality icon

The catering industry is a business sector with a lot of supply that employs a very large number of professionals, but not all of them provide meticulous service. A good-looking Chef’s Jacket, clean and bright conveys an image of quality and professionalism, giving more credibility to the professional in question as well as to the place where they work.


Read these tips and choose the right one

  • buy a Chef’s Jacket in your recommended size. Many times we think that this workwear garment becomes more comfortable when it is looser and has longer sleeves. This is mistaken thinking, as it is poorly adjusted to the worker, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring and conveying a less groomed appearance.
  • buy a quality product. Like all the products we need, there are always cheaper products and others with a higher cost. Theprice is always related to the product’s quality, as well as its intrinsic characteristics. When it is a fundamental garment for your work, look for a high-quality product that will keep you safe and provide you with the comfort you will need in your day-to-day.
  • take proper care of your uniform. When you finish work, remove your Chef’s Jacketand hang it to prevent wrinkles. Wash this garment in accordance to the care guidelines so as to extend the fabric’s life. Use an apron to avoid permanent stains.


Many Chefs like to embroider the logo and their name on their garment. This personalization creates greater identification with your personal touch and with your degree of professionalism.

Get an extra Chef’s Jacket

In a work environment as hectic as a kitchen, it is very easy to pour any product and even burn your Chef’s Jacket. Having a spare garment to hand allows you to continue your work, maintaining and adhering to all the points mentioned in this article.

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