The background of

Roupa de trabalho Personalizada direcionada para a área da saúde

Founded by Domingos Araújo in 1996, UNIFARDAS® was born in Rio Tinto, Portugal, with the aim of enhancing the art of creating and customizing a company’s image.
With the increase in turnover and expansion of the markets, both at the national and international level, the company felt the need to expand, modernize and find new facilities. The change of headquarters to the industrial zone of Maia, Portugal, in 1998 gave the company greater production capacity and better conditions to create and innovate, thus enhancing and cementing the company’s image in the markets but also its customer satisfaction.

The growing strength of UNIFARDAS®, in the domestic and international markets, was recognized through the attribution of the “Export Company Certification” and also granted it the status of “SME Leader”.

Taking into account the constant demands and changes in the markets, UNIFARDAS® keeps investing in the continuous improvement of its image, in the quality of its products and in the excellent business relationships it maintains with the different players in the markets where it operates. Investment in knowledge, technical ability and digital media remain as the main pillars of the company’s development. The objective is to provide UNIFARDAS® with resources and processes that allow it to respond quickly and effectively to all customers.