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Anti-Static Clothing

Protect your employees and your company with anti-static clothing

Unifardas’ mission is to clarify all issues related to the workwear industry. Therefore, this article was created to inform you of all the specificities of anti-static clothing as well as the benefits of wearing it.

First of all, the meaning of anti-static must be defined – ” that which is intended to avoid or reduce static electricity” for example (anti-static smock, anti-static footwear…).

Static electricity can be a major problem for many industries and a natural phenomenon that should not be underestimated. An American survey estimated gigantic losses in the order of 18 billion dollars in the electronics industry, directly attributed to problems caused by static electricity. In addition, this is a massive loss that is repeated throughout the world in various sectors. For that very reason we should not ignore this issue.

Electrostatic accumulation and uncontrolled discharge can have very serious consequences for people. Therefore, in order to more effectively show you these dangers, we give an example of a real scenario that represents a day-to-day situation in various industries.

Scenario – An employee working in the food industry unintentionally triggers a flammable discharge during a routine activity – causing an explosion.

Many of us are aware of such situations. However, this happens due to the friction created by the employee’s movements. A concrete example of electrostatic energy accumulation is when two people pass each other, and a part of the upper arm rubs against the upper body, causing electrostatic accumulation. As a result, if that energy were suddenly released it could cause an explosion, due to a mixture of dust and air or even air and petrol, as a consequence of the aforementioned phenomenon.


The best way to reduce the accumulation of static electricity is to equip your company’s employees with anti-static clothing. This type of professional clothing is made using fibres that stretch rather than break. These fibres are synthetics combined with plastics and rubber to ensure that they stretch and generate as little static electricity as possible.

Unifardas has a range of anti-static clothing products that on offer:

Men’s smock with convertible collar. Comfortable workwear garment for performing work duties. This smock is closed at the front with poppers hidden by a placket, so as to avoid contact between metal and the poppers. Long-sleeves, loose cuffs, with adjustment clips. Patch pockets with trimmed corners, so as to make a technical gown into a piece that is also ideal for everyday use.

The Standard EN1149-1 – Anti-Static , was created for this type of clothing


This European standard specifies the electrostatic requirements and test methods for protective clothing, dissipating static electricity to prevent the formation of sparks capable of causing a fire.


  • Women’s smock with mandarin collar, closed at the front with poppers concealed with a placket. Long sleeves with cuff popper fastening, seams at the back to make the smock more fitted at the waist


All the products, that Unifardas manufactures are subject to the current legislation, having all the technical characteristics required for its intended purpose.

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